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May 2, 2000

The Council of Ministers held its meeting under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Ilir Meta and passed a number of legal acts.

Council of Ministers passed the draft law on ratification of the agreement between the Government of Republic of Albania and UNESKO on intercultural and human rights education in Albania.This projects aims at contributing in peace and understanding in Balkan, to urge the intercultural cooperation and respecting of the human rights in schools institutions.

Ministers adopted some additions and changes in the law no.8440 dated 13.1.1999 "On registration, the way of use and control the sailing means under 20 NRT". This project aims at strengthening the legal control and disciplining the marine activities under 20 NRT and insuring the life of the people when using such means. It also aims at avoiding and minimizing phenomena such as clandestine emigration or illegal traffics in general.

The Government approved the draft law on adhering of Republic of Albania in "Convention on road traffic" on November 8, 1968. Albanian adhering in this convention, beside the great importance in avoiding the obstacles on recognizing our international driving licenses and will increase considerably the circulation of the means and goods between the states, mainly with the neighboring ones , and at the same time will facilitate the circulation of the people, as well.

The Government passed the draft law on some changes and additions in the law no.8136 dated 31.7.1996 "On magistrate school". It is approved in principles the agreement on development credit between the Republic of Albania and International Development Association IDA on the project of technical assistance for Financial Sector.

Council of Ministers passed the decision on fulfilling the capital state part in Italian-Albanian Bank. This decision makes possible the payment of the capital in cash.

The Government adopted in principle the decision concerning the project "Development in exchange of weapons ", to be undertaken in districts of Elbasani and Diber. The project consists on collecting the weapons in voluntary way by the population of these two districts and in exchange of the weapons different development investments improving the infrastructure of these areas will take place.

The Albanian Government passed the decision on direct procurement on the following objects "Systemizing and asphalting of the road "Hyrja Kombinat" and Project-study on reconstruction of the boulevard "Deshmoret e Kombit" and "Scanderbeg Square". Council of Ministers approved the decision on adopting the project "Albi 2000", on construction and rehabilitation of the school buildings through the funds offered by Italian Government.

Council of Ministers approved the decision on participation of Albanian Government in Albanian-American Foundation "Harry T.Fultz" and the establishment act of this foundation. The decision on approving the agreement on buying the shares and the instructions on presenting and supplies opening on AMC privatization is passed in the meeting of the Council of Ministers.

Courtesy of Department of Information of Council of Minister
May 5, 2000

Council of Ministers held its meeting led by Prime Minister Ilir Meta and passed a number of draft laws and decisions:

The Council of Ministers adopted the draft law on adhering of Republic of Albania in Hague Conventions "On protection of the children and cooperation for adaptation abroad". The aim of this Convention is the protection of the children rights concerning the adaptation abroad and establishing of the international cooperation structures between the countries where the child is born and is moving on.

The draft law "On Telecommunication in Republic of Albania" is passed in the meeting held today. The aim of drafting a new integral law is the need to fulfil and clarify the tasks between the policy definer, law executors, and applicant of telecommunication policy and operations in context of integration and approaching to European legislation in this domain.

Council of Ministers (CM) on Friday approved the decision on the procedure to be followed in voters' registration in elections of local government bodies.

The Council of Ministers endorsed on Friday the decision on "Financial Control", which aims the reorganization of this control in institutions. On the bases of this decision a priority is given to the financial control because heavy violations of financial discipline in set subject and structures are observed during controls exercised there.

The financial control has undergone a huge identity crises. It (financial control) is faded away gradually since its structures in the ministry and institutions begun to be reduced.

Under these circumstances is explained even the appearance of some phenomena such as corruption, abuses, the misuse and illegal expropriation of state wealth and public funds, phenomena which exercise a real pressure even on the political network.

So this project reflects changes in the concept and role, function and control object, in creation of a legal framework which created spaces for the exercise of control in compliance with international standards.

This decision treats procedures on registration of voters in each house as the base of the creation of National Register of the voters.

The government clearly states that it will rigorously respect Constitutional and legal norms that guarantee the right of everyone to vote freely.

The Council of Ministers on Friday approved several supplements to the State Budget 2000 for the Ministry of Transports.

After a group of specialists defined the need of emergent intervention on these roads, the Council of Ministers decided to use money from its reserves' fund to face expenditures in carrying out these operations.

The Council of Ministers also approved a supplement to the investments in building works of art on the new Fushe Kruje-Mamurras road segment.

This segment is part of the North-South corridor and has been included in the First Project of Transport financed by the World Bank credit.

The fishing sector in Albania will be developed through a clear strategy decided by the Council of Ministers.

The Council of Ministers endorsed in principle on Friday the decision on the project of fishing development, project which is worth $ 9 million. Through this program is aimed to be achieved a stable use of water sources and the increase of incomes of families dealing with fish-farming.

An investment of $ 5.5 million is envisaged to be made for the institutional strengthening of companies dealing with fish-farming and for the marketing. Council of Ministers passed the decision "On supplementary fund in budget 2000 "On investments" approved for Durresi Municipality. A supplementary fund worth some 33 550 thousand leks will be offered to this municipality. The Government adopted the decision on investing in improving the illumination situation in several town of Albania, such as Vlora, Shkodra, Berat, Saranda, Fier, and others.

In the end of the meeting the Council of Ministers passed the decision on a supplementary investments fund in the budget of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth, by offering a fund of some 3.5 million leks on reconstruction of Durresi swimming pools.

Courtesy of Department of Information of Council of Minister
May 9, 2000

From the meeting of Interministerial Board of Institutional Reform and Public Administration:

The meeting of Interministerial Board of Institutional Reform and Public Administration held its meeting led by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labor and Social Affairs. The participants in the meeting analyzed and estimated the draft-instructor "On adopting the structure of civil service work classification, respective methodology and general description of

Secretary General role in this service", draft decision "On establishing and functioning of Public Administrate Institute and training of Civil Servant". These two legal acts follow the decision "On accepting in Civil service and the test period to be passed soon by the Council of Ministers". These acts are discussed in technical level and are the basis for correct execution of the law "Status of Civil Servant".

Courtesy of Department of Information of Council of Minister
May 11, 2000

Council of Minister met on Thursday under chairmanship of Prime Minister Meta and approved several important draft laws and decisions:

The Council of Ministers of Albania adopted on Thursday the draft law "On creation of Task-Force for the energy system."

The law envisages the creation of a Task Force as an executive structure, armed and specialized to control the implementation of the legislation on the administration and use of the electric energy.

Task Force will be an independent body under the Ministry of Public Economy and Privatization. The law is expected to have a direct impact on the improvement of the indices, such as elimination of abuses, misuse of electric energy and failure to pay for the energy consumption. Italian govt approves Italian credit worth 22 billion lire for electricity sector

The Albanian government on Thursday approved the financial agreement with "Mediocredito Centrale" of Italy for the aid programme worth 22 billion lire to back the electric power sector.

The amount of 22 billion lire is the first part of the 42 billion lire worth of aid credit package, provided by the Italian government as part of the "Commodity Aid" programme and will address the electric power sector.

The credit has facilitating conditions and will back the emergency interventions in the electricity sector, aiming at increasing the electric grid's system.

Council of Ministers of Albania on Thursday passed the decision "On civil service admission and test period". This decision is adopted in context of fulfilling with legal acts the law "On Civil Servant Status".

This decision treats the principles and procedures foreseen in the law "On Civil Servant Status" and in particular the admission procedures in civil service defining detailed rules on organization procedures of these principles and test period.

The Council of Ministers of Albania on Thursday approved a decision on providing aid to the families of the northeastern zones of Albania which have lost members during the war in Kosova.

The Kukes district council will be provided an additional fund of 200 000 lek, Tropoje 2 million and 200 000 lek, has a fund of 800 000 lek. According to the decision, the funds will be given to the persons' families in the form of aid and will be provided from the reserve fund of the Council of Ministers. For the disasters these families have suffered, an aid worth 100 000 lek has been decided to be given for every lost life. During the Kosova war period last year, a large number of persons have lost their lives due to killings by the Serb forces or explosions of mines and shells.

Albanian Council of Ministers on Thursday passed in principle the extradition agreement between Republic of Albania and Arab Republic of Egypt.

Based upon this agreement, the two states undertake to extradite the people accused of committing penal acts or punished by juridical institutions of the other state applying the terms and rules foreseen in this agreement. Council of Ministers passed in the meeting held today the following decisions "On criteria and rules of taking samples and estimation of fertilisers" and "On supporting fertilisers control service by institutions of public order".

Courtesy of Department of Information of Council of Minister

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