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Decisions delivered during the months of June - December 1999
  • Decision 46: Incompatibility of Articles 481/2 of the Code of Civil Procedure with Article 141/2 of the Constitution
  • Decision 49: Incompatibility with Constitution of Decree of the President of the Republic No 2318 dated 19 February 1999
  • Decision 53: Abrogation on unconstitutional grounds of Article 39 of Law No 7572, dated 10 June 1992 "On Organization and Operation of Local Government", as well as Decision of Council of Ministers No 234, dated 22 May 1999 "On Some Amendments to the Decision of Council of Ministers No 301, dated 14 June 1993 "On Measures for Implementation of Law No 7698, dated 15 April 1993 "On Restitution and Compensation of Property to former-Owners." (Articles 13, 109, 131 point "c" and 134 of the Constitution of the Republic of Albania)
  • Decision 59: Abrogation on unconstitutional grounds of Article 48 of Law No 8436 dated 28 December 1998 "On Organization of Judicial System in the Republic of Albania".
  • Decision 61: Abrogation of Law No 8479, dated 29 April 1999 "For Some Amendments in the Law No 8391,dated 28 October 1998 "For National Intelligence Service", as incompatible with Constitution.
  • Decision 64: Declaration as incompatible with Constitution of Decision of Council of Ministers No 129, dated 18 March 1999 "On Procedures and Terms of Issuance of Permissions and Authorizations for Trading of Oil, Gas and Their By-products", as well as suspension of its implementation.
  • Decision 65: Incompatibility with Constitution of Provisions of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Albania Providing for Death Penalty.
Decisions delivered during the month of June 1999
  • Decision 1: Incompatibility of article 481/2 of the Code of Civil Procedure with article 141/2 of the Constitution.
  • Decision 2: Review of a complaint lodged by Mr. Rushit Demo, a former district judge, relating to the alleged unconstitutionality of the decision of the Supreme Council of Justice no. 4 of November 10, 1997 for the dismissal of the complainant on the grounds of a long and unjustified absence from the working place.


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