Article 1

Form of the State

1. The Republic of Albania is a sovereign state, unitary and democratic.
2. Its territory is indivisible and inalienable.

Article 2

The Constitution

The Constitution is the Fundamental Law of the Republic of Albania.

Article 3


National sovereignty belongs to the people, who exercise it in the forms and with the limits contemplated by the Constitution.

Article 4

Separation of Powers

The legislative, executive and judicial powers are separate and distinct.

Article 5

International Law and Internal Legislation

1. The Republic of Albania recognizes and respects the generally accepted norms of international law, as well as principles and norms of treaties and international agreements to which it takes part.
2. When the norms of internal law conflict with the generally accepted norms of international law, the latter have priority.

Article 6

Political Parties

1. Parties participate in the formation and expression of the political will of the people principally through election. They may be created freely.
2. The activity of parties that put at risk, through force, the existence of the Republic of Albania or its fundamental democratic institutions is prohibited.

Article 7

Care for Albanians Live Outside the State

The Republic of Albania protects the rights of its citizens with a temporary or permanent residence outside its borders.

Article 8

Support of the Right to Self-Determination

The Republic of Albania protect, in the spirit of generally accepted international documents, supports the rights of the Albanian people outside its borders, for self-determination and the solution of the national question in a democratic and peaceful manner.

Article 9

Lay Nature of the Albanian State

1. Religion is separate from the state. The Republic of Albania guarantees the freedom and equality of every religious belief.
2. The use of religion for political goals is prohibited.

Article 10

The Republic of Albania gives political asylum to people who are politically persecuted.

Article 11

The Principle of Legality

1. State power is exercised only by the organs of the state created by this Constitution or by law.
2. The organization and functioning of the organs contemplated in the Constitution shall be regulated by law.
3. No state function or public employment status may be created or taken away except by law.
4. State organs, political parties, organizations and citizens are obligated to respect thr Constitutions and the laws.

Article 12

Duties of the Armed Forces

The Armed Forces secure sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Albania, as well as protecting its territorial integrity..

Article 13

Economy of the Country

The economy of the Republic of Albania is based on the diversity of property and the free initiative of all economic subjects.

Article 14

National Language

In the Republic of Albania the official language is Albanian.

Article 15


The national flag is red a double-headed black eagle in the center.

Article 16

National Anthem

The national anthem of the Republic of Albania is "United around Our Flag".

Article 17

National Holiday

The national holiday of the Republic of Albania is Flag Day, November 28.

Article 18


The capital of the Republic of Albania is Tirana.

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