Article 119

Organization of Local Power

1. The territory of the Republic of Albania is divided into communities, municipalities and districts.
2. In each community, municipality and district, the local power shall be organized and function.
3. The organization and functioning of local power shall be done by law, on the basis the principles of decentralization, self-government and autonomy.

Article 120

Election of Organs of Local Power

1. The organs of local power are elected directly by the people.
2. The manner of election and their competencies shall be set by law.

Article 121

Representative Organs

1. The representative organs of local power are, respectively, the community council, the municipal council and district council.
2. The chairman of the community and the chairman of the municipality are elected by the vote of local population.
3. The district council shall elect its own leadership and chairman.

Article 122

The organs of local power are juridical persons. They have that is recognized to them by law the conduct economic activity within and outside of their territory.

Article 123

Financial Resource

1. The organs of local power have their own budget.
2. The financial resources and manner of their use, as well as obligations to state, shall be set by law.
3. For particular communities, municipalities and districts, the state shall provide for financial contributions.

Article 124


The elected organs of local power nay be dissolved by decree of the President of the republic pursuant to a proposal made by Prime Minister, only in the cases provided by law.

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