Article 1

Form of the State

The republic of Albania is a sovereign state, democratic and unitary.

Article 2


1. Sovereignty belongs to the people, who exercise it through their representative organs and by referendum.
2. No one other than the organs specifically set out in this Constitution may exercise sovereignty in the name of the Republic of Albania.
3. The representative organs are elected by free, general and direct vote.

Article 3

Principle of Legality

1. All state activity is performed on the basis of the Constitution and the laws in force.
2. The exact and uniform implementation of juridical norms is obligatory for all state organs, political parties, societies and organizations as well as for every other natural or juridical person.

Article 4

Separation of State Power

State organization is based on the principle of the separation of power into the legislative, executive and judicial.

Article 5

Political Pluralism

Social life in the Republic of Albania is based on the principle of political pluralism.

Article 6

Political Parties

1. parties take part and assist in the formation and expression of the will of the people. They may be created freely in compliance with law. Their organization and activity must be in compliance with democratic principles.
2. The activity of parties that put the existence of the Republic of Albania or its democratic institutions at risk is prohibited.
3. Political parties on religious or ethnic bases are not allowed in Albania.

Article 7

Lay Nature of the Albanian State

1. In the Republic of Albania religion is separate from the state.
2. The state guarantees freedom of religious beliefs.
3. Religious activity that puts the existence of the republic of Albania or its democratic institutions at risk, as well as the use of religion for political purposes, is prohibited.

Article 8

Care for Albanians Living Outside the State

1. The Republic of Albania protects the rights of its citizens who have a temporary or permanent residence outside its borders.
2. it supports the recognition and protection of human and national rights of the Albanian population who live outside the state borders of the Republic, in compliance with international acts and agreements.

Article 9

International Relations

The Republic of Albania in its external relations protects independence and national interests, implements a policy of cooperation, peace and international security.

Article 10

International Law and International Legislation

1. The Republic of Albania recognizes and respects the generally accepted principles and norms of international law, as well as the treaties and international agreements to which it is a party.

Article 11

Duties of the Armed Forces

The Armed Forces secure sovereignty and the independence of the Republic of Albania, protects its territorial integrity and its constitutional order.

Article 12

Economy of the Country and Types of Property

1. The economy of the Republic of Albania is based on the principles of the market economy.
2. Property is private and public.
3. The exercise of private free initiative shall be secured by law.

Article 13

Official Language

In the Republic of Albania the official language is Albanian.

Article 14


The emblem of the Republic of Albania shows a black two-headed eagle, set in a red background. At the top of the emblem is the helmet of Scanderbeg.

Article 15


The state flag of the Republic of Albania shows a red field with a black two-headed eagle in the middle.

Article 16

National Anthem

The national anthem of the Republic of Albania is "United around Our Flag".

Article 17

National Holiday

The national holiday of the Republic of Albania is Flag Day, November 28.

Article 18


The capital of the Republic of Albania is Tirana.

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