Article 1

The Republic of Albania is a unitary, sovereign and independent state; its territory is indivisible.

Article 2

The Constitution is the Fundamental Law of the Republic of Albania. The People shall protect the integrity and the spirit of the Constitution.

Article 3

The national sovereignty belongs to the people, who s1lall exercise it in the forms and limits foreseen by the Constitution.

Article 4

Legislative, executive and judicial powers are separated and distinct.

Article 5

The Republic of Albania shall recognize and respect the general accepted the international law, as well as the principles and provisions of the treaties and it is a party to.

Article 6

Political parties participate in the forming of the political will of the people through elections. They may be freely established. Their organization must accord with democratic principles. Parties, whose activities endanger the existence of the Republic of Albania and the fu1ldamental democratic institutions, are forbidden.

Article 7

The Republic of Albania shall protect the rights of Albanian citizens living abroad, It shall support the recognition and preservation of the national rights of the Albanian population living out of the state frontiers.

Article 8

The Republic of Albania shall not have an official religion. Religious activity which threatens the Republic of Albania or its fundamental democratic institutions is forbidden.

Article 9

State power shall be exercised by public organs established by law. No state function or official status may be created or abolished except by law.

Article 10

Public organs and citizens shall implement the Constitution and laws.

Article 11

Armed Forces of the Republic of Albania shall guarantee its sovereignty and the independence and safeguard its territorial integrity and constitutional order.

Article 12

The Country's economy shall be based on the market principle to the extent that it is compatible with the public interest.

Article 13

The official language is Albanian.

Article 14

The national flag is red with a double-headed eagle in the middle.

Article 15

The national anthem is "Round Our Flag United".

Article 16

The capital city of Albania is Tirana.
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