ALBANIAN CONSTITUTION - Adopted on: 29 April 1991

Chapter IV Final Provisions

Article 42 [Local Administration, Investigator]

1) The creation, organization, and activity of the local organs of power, administration, courts, and attorney-general are made according to certain regulations with existing legal provisions, excluding those that run contrary to this law.
2) The investigator's office depends administratively on the minister of justice.

Article 43 [Amendment]

1) The drafts for amendments to this law might be forwarded by the president of the Republic of Albania, the Council of Ministers, or one fourth of all the deputies.
2) The adoption of amendments is done by the People's Assembly with a majority of two thirds of all the deputies.

Article 44 [Constitution, Constitutional Commission]

1) The provisions of this law operate till the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Albania, whose draft will be worked out by the special commission charged by the People's Assembly.
2) The composition of the commission and the schedule of the presentation of the draft- constitution is defined by special decision of the People's Assembly.

Article 45 [Invalidation of 1976 Constitution]

The Constitution of the People's Socialist Republic of Albania, adopted on 28. Dec 1976, as well as its later amendments are invalidated.

Article 46 [Entering Into Force]

This law enters into force immediately.

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