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The collapse of the pyramid schemes in 1997 also witnessed the collapse of the Albanian governmental and non-governmental structures. Although the main factor was the loss of money by the general public that led to the disorder, the chaos also provided an unfortunate test as to the weakness of the state institutions, legal system and civil society. Overnight the rule of law was replaced by anarchy. Apart from State inadequacies one of the main reasons of such collapse was the lack of non-partisan Albanian legal and policy centers.

Faced with these facts, a group of Western trained Albanian lawyers, legislators and policy analysts in collaboration with an independent not-for-profit organization in the West, saw the need for the creation of an independent, not-for-profit policy and legal center in Tirana - The Institute for Policy and Legal Studies (IPLS).

The Institute for Policy and Legal Studies (IPLS), is a non-profit, operational NGO located in Tirana, Albania and an affiliate of the East-West Management Institute, Inc. (EWMI). EWMI is a registered New York based not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting economic reform in developing and transitioning economies. EWMI assists countries in making their transition from planned to free market economies by providing technical assistance in such areas as legal and regulatory reform, privatization, enterprise restructuring, capital markets development, and making grants to non-governmental organizations (NGOs). This affiliation brings together the international expertise and resources of EWMI and the local knowledge and quality, in legal and policy areas, of IPLS in order to develop, for the first time in Albania, a think tank type of activity.

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