Operational Structure

A Board of Directors manages IPLS. The Board has nine members comprised of the three of the four founders, three members from EWMI, and three independent members. The Board of Directors convenes at least twice a year.

The Board of Directors appoints three (3) members from the Board to form an Executive Council. The Executive Council is responsible for providing the Board with bimonthly reports of the Center's work, establishing partnerships with Albanian and international institutions and organizations, fund raising, identifying new initiatives worthy of support and overseeing the work of the Executive Director. The Board is responsible for appointing the Executive Director for IPLS. The Executive Director of IPLS is responsible for the daily management of the Institute including the oversight of the staff, the proper implementation of the projects and in cooperation with the Executive Council execution of the Board's decisions. The Executive Director may not serve on the Board.

The Board of Directors has appointed Mr. Gent IBRAHIMI as the Executive Director of IPLS.

The Board of Directors is solely responsible for all decisions regarding funding. The Board defines the criteria for making decisions concerning the goals of the Institute and funding. Based on the criteria the Board allocates an annual budget for the Institute that includes an operational budget. Funding made by EWMI to IPLS will be allocated on a project by project basis.

The Executive Director is also responsible for overseeing and hiring of the staff comprised of:

IPLS Associates & Collaborators

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