Our Mission

IPLS will have two main functions:

  1. Legal - to provide non-partisan legal assistance and where appropriate training to government, non-government, and international organizations working in Albania, and;
  2. Policy - to identify and consequently address by means of in depth analyses and comprehensive recommendations the basic problems that affect governance and civil society in Albania.

Too often, the government, with the assistance of international advisors, has rubber stamped laws without an evaluation and feedback system in the area of public policy and public affairs. In short, there was and continues to remain a gap between legislators and policy makers and the public. IPLS seeks, at minimum, to bridge this gap by joining the legal component, e.g., drafting and reviewing of laws and training of government officials and interest groups, with the public policy and public affairs aspect. And at the same time IPLS seeks to inform the general public through the publication of reviews and positions papers by legal and policy specialists, sponsoring seminars and public debates on the issues most relevant to the Albanian society.

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Institute for Policy & Legal Studies 2000