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Commitment to Economic Reform and Development

East-West Management Institute, Inc. (EWMI) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting economic reform in developing and transition economies. EWMI assists countries in making their transition from planned market economies by providing technical assistance in such areas as legal and regulatory reform, privatization, enterprise restructuring, capital markets development, and making grants to non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States of the former Soviet Union (CEE / NIS) have been striving to achieve sustainable private sector economic growth, which is possible only in an environment of market oriented institutions and policies, and transparent commercial laws and regulations. To establish such an environment, many countries have undertaken ambitious programs of privatization, legal reform, enterprise restructuring, and other economic initiatives.

EWMI assists these efforts by working with government officials, private sector companies, NGOs and individual citizens, targeting areas including commercial law reform, financial sector legal and regulatory reform, accounting reform, judicial training, and capacity building programs for privatization, enterprise restructuring and capital markets development.

EWMI offers expert services to meet the needs of emerging markets, and is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to challenges of developing economies. EWMI recognizes that market-oriented reforms and policies are possible only with strong local leadership and political support, and EWMI’s success in many countries is directly linked to its close collaboration with leading reformers.

The Early Years

During its first five years, EWMI arranged internships for professionals from CEE/NIS countries in Western Europe and the United States. Beginning in 1992, EWMI developed Junior Achievement (JA) programs and introduced them throughout CEE/NIS middle schools and high schools. IN 1993, working closely with Junior Achievement International, EWMI launched the Fundamentals of Market Economy (FOME) program. This “senior achievement” program educated adults throughout the region in the basics of market economy.

In 1993, EWMI expanded into local training activities by organizing a series of three-to six-month accounting training courses in the Baltic countries, Russia, Ukraine, and Moldova. Overseen by Professor Adolf Enthoven of the University of Texas at Dallas, these courses successfully trained over 1,000 accountants in the basics of Western accounting principles.

Current Activities

In 1995, EWMI was one of a select group of firms to be awarded a multi-year, multi-million dollar “Omnibus Contract” from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to provide technical assistance to reform efforts in the CEE/NIS. The first EWMI project under this contract was launched in October 1995. Since that time, EWMI has assembled hundreds of international and local professionals to plan and implement programs, including: Enterprise Restructuring in Hungary and Moldova, Land Reform and Privatization in Moldova, Accounting Reform in Moldova, Legal and Regulatory Reform in Bosnia Herzegovina and Judicial Training in Albania.

The following are just a few of EWMI’s achievements under these projects to date:

  • The privatization of over 70 collective farms in Moldova, resulting in over 100,000 individual land titles being issued to new private farmers.
  • The adoption of international accounting and auditing standards by the Republic of Moldova and the Federation of Bosnia Herzegovina, and the implementation of these new standards by private enterprises.
  • The establishment of Securities and Exchange Commissions and the drafting and adoption of corporate and securities legislation by the Federation of Bosnia Herzegovina and Republika Srpska.
  • The training of hundreds of Moldovan managers in enterprise restructuring fundamentals such as accounting, finance, sales and marketing.

EWMI compliments its USAID-funded consulting activities with its own programs and grants to local organizations. For example, EWMI manages an extensive USAID legal and regulatory reform project in Bosnia that is responsible for drafting and implementing many commercial and capital markets laws. EWMI supports this effort through grants to the Law Center at the University of Sarajevo Law School for commercial law training and the maintenance of a commercial law database and website.

EWMI’s professionals and Resources

EWMI’s teams are accomplished specialists in legal, accounting and business practices that familiarize themselves with local customs and laws in order to design and build legal and economic frameworks. Under the supervision of EWMI management, EWMI teams have access to all levels of society, and work closely with local government officials and private sector professionals. This allows EWMI to better implement projects in the region and to act more as a partner than a contractor.

Founded in 1988, EWMI has become an internationally recognized, multi-million dollar organization. Its aim is to assist legal and economic reform in Central and Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, EWMI manages highly skilled international and local consultants who design state-of-the-art economic reform programs, draft and implements laws, develop accounting standards, privatize collective farms, and train government officials and judges.

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